Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Things have been super busy with putting our house on the market and showing it...often...and birthday's, baptisms, my mom's health, Dennis getting a blood clot, Brittany's surgery, and a ton of other things.  We are selling our beautiful home and heading back to Ft. McMurray.  Dennis got a call and was asked (by his old company) if he is interested in a position up there.  He is currently in the middle of finalizing the details, but we are actually super excited to head back 'home' and to our friends up there.  It's just going to be nice to have a full-time job again!  Dennis has been teaching at the College part-time and it's very inconsistent.  It's been great having him around more often, but the 'holiday' is over. lol  He will likely head up North and I'll stay back to sell the house and finish out the school year.  This summer will be a busy one, for sure.

Brittany got her casts of today, but the pins need to stay in for a couple more weeks.  The bones are not quite finished healing.  So she is in air casts (boots) and can walk normally for the next couple of weeks, and shower normally!  Yay!  It's been a long 6 plus weeks and in just 2 more, she will be walking as usual.  Her feet are as straight as they have ever been!  Pretty cool and amazing medical procedures to make life better!

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