Wednesday, 12 April 2017

More birthdays in February!

So these 2 amigos turned 10 on the 20th.  Pretty cool.

Jimmy is a little artist and musician in the making!  He play trombone and according to the band instructor, is pretty amazing!  He loves to make crafts and create things.  He is also amazing at building things out of Lego with no instructions!  He's always smiling and eager to please...except when it's time to put his clean laundry away!  (Well, let's be honest, who is?!)

Reggie is super precocious and socially on top of things.  He's like a 17 year old in a ten year old body!  He is super athletic and is excited to start his very first Hockey Camp!  He's a perfectionist and is grateful that Jimmy is great at remembering slide positions on the trombone, as Reg plays it as well...but likes Jimmy to write the slide positions on his music for him!  ;)

I love these 2 dudes so much and can't imagine life without them.  Happy birthday to my 2 buddies!  We love you, forever!

Which brings us to the Cub Car Rally...which all three little boys participated in and won various heats...out of 39 finalists, Reggie came in 5th!  

Here is Dane's first car!

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