Tuesday, 21 February 2017

It was a busy week.  My Mom had a stroke on the 8th of February so I flew to Quesnel as soon as I could.  It was super hard to see my feisty, active mom in that state.  But, my dad recognized the signs as soon as it was happening and called 911 quickly and had her in the hospital 20-30 minutes from the time stroke occurred.  Early intervention gives hope of preventing further damage and lasting impediments.  The stroke was caused by an aneurysm and it was inoperable so they were just hoping the bleeding would stop and the blood would dissipate.  Dad and I sat with her, did crossword puzzles with her (which she is still amazing at) and just reassured her during that first week.  Brent came up a few days later and we were all able to go with her to Prince George a week after her stroke, to get her settled into the rehabilitation centre.  She is there until she is able to complete a couple months of rigorous physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  Her left side was affected and she is making great strides in re-establishing movement and strength to her left side.

I took a flight from Vancouver on Central Mountain Air...18 seats maybe...full view of the cockpit.

This is mom's CT scan 1 week after the stroke.  The blood filled the area where the yellow dots are and a week later, it has shrunk quite a bit.

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