Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My baby is 8!

My last baby.  2 days old.  I can't believe time has gone by so fast!

He looks like a little man for sure here.  I remember taking him with me when he was about 4 months old to visit Stephanie in Arizona.  I had him in a carrier while we were walking the mall and I was stopped no less that 3 times within a half hour and was told that he was the most gorgeous baby they had ever seen.  3 totally different people...that was a proud moment for sure!  And he still delivers in the 'cuteness' category!

We were at the Edmonton Temple and he was not wanting to sit and pose for a picture.  Just wanted his Momma.

This super duper kiddo turned 8 yesterday and I can't believe it!  He is smart, clever, and oh so funny.  He asked the other night if I would still be alive when he's older...I was like..."oh yeah!" and he then asked "Will you still call me poodle?"  I said "oh yeah, Poodle!  You'll always be my Poodle!"  He got that nickname when his hair started to grow and we realized just how curly it was!  He can pull off a super fro if I let it grow long enough!  His little freckles and curly hair always melt my heart!  He is getting baptized on the 18th and is so excited!  Last one in the immediate family!  I can't believe we've arrived here!!!

Dane loves reading books on underwater creatures...he's pretty good and remember details, too!

He got a fish...his name Iggy.

My baby is 8!  Yay for Dane!

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